Why Online Education Continues to Flourish

Online Education Continues to Flourish
Online Education Continues to Flourish

A 21st Century Technology Tool for Adults and Continuing Education

The article discusses why Online education is here to stay, as well as the benefits and flexibility available to people who realize the potential of this kind of education.
Online education is here to stay and continues to flourish as schools understand the wants and needs of their ever growing 21st century customer base – adults. As the world continues to move forward, adults must maintain pace with all the latest advances in knowledge and job skills for their careers. Additionally, these same people are limited by full-time work, family obligations, and attempting to maintain some sort of a social life.

To meet the needs of adults desiring to continue their education, Online education provides the answers to their professional and personal commitments. Online education is often referred to as distance learning and online Courses. Regardless of the terminology used, distance education is designed for adults with busy schedules and need flexibility for completing continuing education courses.

Because the 21st century job market is increasing specialized and complex, Online education provides many advantages for adults who need to continue their education for career sustainability. Adults who do not take advantage of distance education opportunities will be left behind by those adults who have recognized the potential.

Expansion of Online Education

Online education makes perfect sense, much more so in today’s technologically advanced world. On a daily basis, almost everyone utilizes a computer and the Internet. Many people are as as ease using online technology tools as they are with changing the station on a television using the remote control.

This is why online education continues to grow in popularity year after year. Colleges and private schools are embracing the interactive multimedia method of education used by many people today. Besides distance education:

  • makes economic sense, since it is often less expensive than attending a conventional institution. Students completing courses online often avoid having to pay many fees assessed by schools. For example activity fees, which most adults do not use campus facilities anyway.
  • does not require the adults to quit their full time employment and miss out on family events.
  • allows adults to remain on job longer and obtain the privileges that come with job seniority.

Flexibility of Online Education

Online education has evolved into the most effective way of completing continuing education courses in the modern day. Adults are no longer bound by rigid schedules for courses at a community college that are unsuitable for the professional settings in which many adults now find themselves.

The down side of the technological advances is that now employees are available to their employers outside the traditional eight to five workday. This is why a rigid class schedule is often a cause for not enrolling in continuing education courses.

Even many businesses have embraced this strategy for training their employees. To save money and reduce the time employees are not at work, employers arrange for their employees to attend required continuing education courses online from work.

The flexibility of Online education allows:

  • adults to complete a continuing education program on their schedule.
  • enrollment in part-time programs that are not constrained by a college’s course offering schedule.
  • adults to take advantage of financial aid opportunities they may not be otherwise qualified to receive.
  • gives individuals considering a career transition the chance to finish necessary schooling without jeopardizing existing work obligations.

Making Connections with Online Education

Because distance learning has made continuing education easier, it is here to stay. The new cyber age of the 21st century means that technological literacy is a critical job skill and the technology requirements of distance education indirectly improves these job skills. Because of the advantages of Online education, not embracing this method of learning is detrimental to your career knowledge and earning power.



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