What’s Your Study Style?

What's Your Study Style?
What's Your Study Style?

This can be based on the way we like to learn. Each person is different and there are many of us who learn best using a variety of methods.

It is has been found that each learning option is using one particular part of the brain, so the more styles you use, in effect, the more of your brain you are working when you are studying! Sounds easy right?

Well firstly, it is best to find out what learning style or styles you learn from best, and then use these to set up an interactive learning program that will keep you focused and entertained whilst you study.

Below are 7 types of learning styles:

  1. Visual: you are best retaining information through images and pictures.
  2. Verbal: you prefer to study in a method that incorporates writing or saying things out loud such as speeches.
  3. Aural: your memory is best prompted by sounds and listening to music.
  4. Logical: you like to work with systems, logic and reasoning in your study methods.
  5. Social: you learn best when surrounded by people either in a study group or with a couple of friends.
  6. Solitary: you learn best by yourself where it is quiet (Hence rejecting the study date!)
  7. Physical: you need to be doing something so working with your hands, body and sense of touch allows for effective studying.

So if you run through your past few study sessions you will find a pattern of how best you focus. For example, if you are listening to music, whilst sitting by yourself in your office, making notes that have pictures and dots points and vigorously working the highlighter over interesting parts; this suggests you learn best when using aural, solitary and visual learning methods.

This doesn’t mean that you should change the way you are studying immediately, but if you are having trouble concentrating for a decent length of time or simply not retaining as much information as you would like, it may be time to try a couple of new learning methods and see if they help you more.

Happy studying!


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