Tips for a successful job search

successful job search
successful job searchsuccessful job search

Are you aware that loads of companies and employment recruiters use the Internet based job search and career sites daily to find new employees. This means that as a job candidate there is lots of opportunity for you.

5 great ways to quickly find the best job for you!

1) Networking

Networking is the best search method there is, especially when used appropriately and professionally. A good network takes time to develop as these are people that you have taken time to get to know. They are people from both your work environment and social groups that you have kept regular contact with.
Focus on different groups in your network and hand out your resume or JIST cards (see link below) and ask them for referrals. This can gain some great results.

2) Informational interviews

The main goal of an informational interview is to get information about your chosen field of work. It is not a job interview. Call and make appointments with people to talk about the work. Meet at their convenience and make sure you arrive at the agreed time and place.
You want to find out about what the job requires, what educational qualifications are needed, previous work backgrounds of employees and what the person looks for in a candidate? You can also ask for advice on how to go about your job search and whether they might be hiring in the near future?

3) Self Assessmen

Before beginning your job search, learn about yourself so that you are able to sell yourself correctly. Identify and write a list of all your skills, abilities, aptitudes, education, self-taught knowledge and work experience. Then write your resume having sorted your strongest points.
Ask friends, family or anyone else you know what your strengths and weaknesses are. They will see things that you cannot. Make a list of these assets and arrange them into categories that allow you to see yourself better. Potential employers can be presented with a candidate who is organised in a professional manner that they can admire and respect.

4) Organization

Use a computer database program such as Excel to keep track of all your job search contacts. List all potential employers and then note every resume sent, phone call made, and the name and title of everyone you have talked to. Review your list regularly to keep yourself focussed.

5) Follow-up

Follow up every contact you make. If you talk to a company representative send a thank you note or e-mail two to three days later with a JIST card. When you send a resume follow it up with a phone call three days to a week later. Make sure you send a thank you letter or e-mail after any interviews.
A lot of people do not take the time to follow up so by doing so you will show good manners and respect and so stand out with potential employers. They may not be hiring at the moment but if they do soon they will remember you.


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