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Getting a Job Interview

Getting a Job Interview
Getting a Job Interview

Even if you have sent out resumes and job applications, your job hunting is just starting. In order to get a job interview, you not only need to meet all the job requirements, but you also need to catch the attention of the people who are responsible for hiring. Below are some ways to stand out from the crowd of other job seekers and land the job interview you want.

Targeted Resume:

Your resume needs to stand out from the many that a company will receive. Once you have your general resume ready, you can quickly and easily tailor your resume to fit each job you are applying for.

First of all, check the job description for specific skills and requirements for that particular job opening. If you have relevant experience and knowledge, highlight those in your targeted resume. Use any technical language or words that are applicable or relate to the job.

The Human Resources Departments of some large companies use computerized scanners to sort through resumes. These scanners search for specific words that match the requirements of the job opening. By using words and phrases that match the job requirements, your resume will stand out for both scanners and Human Resources personnel.

When sending out your resume, make sure that it is addressed to a specific person, rather than just to the Personal Department in general. If you need to, you can look on the internet to find the name of the person to send your resume to, or you can call the company directly and ask the information desk. Remember to double check to make sure you have the correct spelling of the person’s name.

Telephone Follow-up:

After you have submitted your resume, before you call to follow-up and schedule an appointment for an interview, make sure enough time has elapsed for your resume to have been received. If you mail in your resume, it is best to wait 2 to 3 days before calling. For resumes sent by email, wait at least 24 hours before calling to set up an interview.

When you call, first introduce yourself and explain that you are calling to follow-up on the resume you sent it. Be sure to mention the specific job that you are applying for. Ask for a day and time to schedule an interview so that you can come in and discuss the position further.

Before you call, be sure to do research on the company so that you know about them, and so that you can easily discuss how you can be an asset to the company. To make it easier when you are talking, have a list of points you want to stress already prepared. The person hiring will want to know just how you will contribute to the company and help them achieve their goals.

Buy A Lunch:

Hiring managers are often too busy to schedule too many interviews throughout the day. If the hiring manager does not schedule an interview with you over the phone, offer to buy them lunch or breakfast and promise that you will give your qualifications and skills in 10-15 minutes during the meal. Make sure that you are well prepared ahead of time and that you can state your case in the amount of time you mentioned.

One thing to remember is that even if you get an interview, but do not get the job, you have had the chance to practice your interview skills. If you are turned down for one job opening, ask if there is another job that will be opening up that you are better qualified for.

It takes time to land a job interview, and you need to be ready with all the information you need when you go for the interview. Research is a vital part of the job hinting process.



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