Self-Confidence Can Be Learned

Self-Confidence Can Be Learned

When you meet a confident, successful person or listen to a great public speaker, you may believe that confidence is a quality that certain...
Investing in Yourself Is a Future Investment

Investing in Yourself Is a Future Investment

When we consider money lessons, many of us instantly believe that "spending = evil" and "saving = good." We were taught from an early...
Acquiring a New Skill

How to Improve Yourself This Year by Acquiring a New Skill

Did you make a goal this year to acquire a new skill or enhance your current one? We hope so, since the Statistic Brain Research...
Job-Skills Mismatch

Job-Skills Mismatch: 3 Skills That New Graduates Need

Another year, another cohort of newly minted graduates confronted with unemployment and underemployment. According to the Department of Labor and Employment, there are presently thousands...
How To Keep Learning When You’re Really Busy Edit | Quick Edit | Trash | View

How To Keep Learning When You’re Really Busy

How to study well while you're a busy person 1. Determine what you want to LEARN. Technically, there is no limit to the amount of knowledge...
Successful Lifelong Learners

8 Personality Traits of Highly Successful Lifelong Learners

Lifelong learning is not just a business term; it is a need in today's contemporary workplace. With continued technological development, the nature of employment...

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