7 Ways to Improve Yourself

7 Ways to Improve Yourself
7 Ways to Improve Yourself

Seven Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem

Why would you want to better yourself? Why would you strive to be better? Because…well, why not?

According to John C. Maxwell, the drive for self-improvement is ingrained in our DNA. Desiring to better oneself does not imply that one is never satisfied with one’s life. It simply means that you are aware of the fact that the world in which we live is continuously changing—that what you know today may be obsolete tomorrow.

Here are 7 easy strategies to improve yourself

(1) Read

Dr. Seuss said it best: “The more you read, the more you will learn.” Reading is akin to receiving knowledge and guidance directly from the greatest brains of all time, but that does not mean you have to be a die-hard bookworm to reap the benefits. If you’re one of us netizens who live and breathe the internet, you’re sitting on a goldmine of knowledge!

(2) Ask Question

We are prompted to think by questions. Innovations and discoveries occur as a result of people’s curiosity and desire to explore, study, and experiment. Asking questions does not imply that you are dumb; rather, it demonstrates that you are always seeking methods to improve.

(3) Take a course

Online resources and lessons are many, and you can undoubtedly learn a great deal from them. However, enrolling in a course, seminar, or workshop may provide you with additional hands-on training that you can use to your job. Additionally, you may get a certificate to supplement your qualifications!

(4) Start a personal project

Begin by creating a blog or website. Refurbish your grandfather’s ancient automobile. Create an animated short video (even if it is just with stick figures—hey, everyone has to start somewhere). Working on a project allows you to practice your talents in a pleasant and effective manner.

(5) Get feedback

Distribute your work and solicit comments. There will always be trolls and nasty individuals online and offline, but there are also many people who are generous with their criticism and suggestions, and these are the people worth listening to. Solicit input from trustworthy individuals, your superior, and subject-matter experts — and be prepared to take both praises and critiques equally.

(6) Pursue a goal

Having a goal motivates us to strive toward it daily, much as an archer does in order to strike the bull’s eye. Daily, do anything, no matter how little, that will get you closer to your objective.

(7) Be open to change

If you want to better yourself, you must change. After all, you cannot progress if you are immobile.


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